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Precious Memories – A Morning With The Stoat Family

If you have a hobby which involves things which are out of your control then you will probably have a special memory of a special day tucked away somewhere.

I’ve been re-processing some old photos and I came across some that I’d taken back in 2011 at the RSPB reserve in Conwy. It was just such a magical moment. Just me and a family of Stoats who were playing around a rocky area which they were calling home. The light was good and the Stoats went about their business as if I wasn’t there, approaching me so closely at times that the camera wouldn’t focus. Reprocessing these shots put me back in that moment. I’ll never forget it, or them. (Click on any image for a larger view)

Coursework 3 – Back to Conwy

I shocked myself today. I actually asked a couple of complete strangers if I could take their photos. Very brave for me! The rest were just grabbed candids.

“Last delivery complete”
“Ice-cream man”
“Eyes down no more”
“As fresh as it comes”
“Pukka chippy”
“Photographers, photographed”
“Pug life”
What’s the camera guy doing?
“Goes together like chips and seagulls”