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Off to a great start!

I’d planned to go further afield this morning but circumstances dictated that I couldn’t go too far from home. My local bird reserve, Conwy RSPB, is only 5 minutes away so at 8.15 I was there, camera gear at the ready.

My first thought was “it’s quiet” but I could not have been more wrong.

On reaching the boardwalk screen i could see 4 Godwits feeding in front of it. As I sneaked up to the window, trying my best not to disturb them, I heard a familiar “chack” call from behind me. A Greater Spotted Woodpecker was calling from a tree and stayed long enough for me to get this shot


As the ‘pecker flew off it was back to the Godwits. They are such irritating birds to photograph when they are feeding as they spend 95% of the time with their heads in the water, just occasionally coming up for a breath. Alternatively, they will stop and look around if disturbed. Either way I managed to get these.

IMG_1840 IMG_1801 IMG_1777 IMG_1769 IMG_1764

Whilst at the screen I spotted a Kingfisher coming my way along the reed edge but it stopped before it reached me, just out of sight. A few seconds later there was a “plop” and it appeared on a rock eating a tiny fish. A  Kingfisher in clear view and staying still? – that’s unusual!IMG_1913

There was constant activity in the bushes with flocks of Tits and Finches moving around. There was a lovely Chiffchaff amongst them but it managed to evade the camera.IMG_1950

Whilst I was watching the smaller birds a Sparrowhawk passed me within 2 feet as it patrolled the paths. I had no chance of a photo but I did spot this bird being mobbed by a crow in the distance. It was fascinating to watch, the two even locking talons  and falling out of the sky for a few seconds.IMG_1893

The only birds close in front of the Tal-y-Fan hide were Snipe, looking so smart in the light.IMG_2076 IMG_2039

One bird looked slightly different. A Jack Snipe! A “lifer” for me and I even managed to get a half-decent photo. This made my day!IMG_2016

Wagtails were everywhere. 99% Pied but there was the odd Grey Wagtail amongst them.IMG_2096


Not bad for a “quiet” morning!



New beginnings…..

Well here I go again. Yet another new website. Hopefully it will be different this time. It’s going to be about me and what I get up to. The real me, that is. No more hiding behind silly pseudonyms.

You can expect to see photographs. A lot of photographs.

As I emerge from my mid-life crisis I have decided that I must do what makes me happy and taking photographs does just that. Hopefully I can manage to post some pictures that other people may like. Who knows? I might even end up selling some! It’s about time that my hobby paid a little back into the coffers.

I take photos as often as I can. Today a couple of insects on the Japanese Anemone at the front of our house which caught my eye so it was out with the macro lens. Here we go!

IMG_1700 IMG_1708