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Late Autumn Frustration

The end of November is rapidly approaching and the trees have only just really turned to their dramatic autumn colours. The problem is that someone has turned the lights off. There have been solid grey skies whenever I’ve had the opportunity to go out. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve offended God, again.

Still never one to resist a challenge or, in this case, a chance to try out my new 24-105 lens, i had to get out and try for a few shots. All the leafy areas were just too dark but I’ve managed to crank up the contrast and colours in a couple of Snowdon Horseshoe shots taken from the Llynau Mymbyr.

I’ll have to ask God if I can borrow his flashgun…..

IMG_7137 IMG_7186

A day too good to waste! (the morning)

With a blue sky showing and autumn colours all around I had to try for a few landscape shots this morning.

The Ogwen Valley sounded like a good destination. The mountains had the slightest dusting of snow on their peaks.

This one was easy – just stand on the bridge and shoot.


Others were more tricky a bank of cloud over the mountains meant that the sun was patchy and the full scene was never illuminated. I timed these as best as I could. Shooting “contra-jour” (into the light) didn’t help, either)

Just a view up the valley.


Ogwen Falls – seemingly always in shadow…


… and the big picture…..


A day too good to waste! (the afternoon)

We’re rapidly approaching mid-November so a gorgeous day cannot be wasted. This morning it was landscape photos. This afternoon it was birds at Conwy RSPB.

The light was amazing. It was like having a searchlight mounted on top of the hide. In fact, the only thing that made me go home was as the shadow of the hide reached across the pool to the other side.

No wind meant that it was a good day for reflection shots.

IMG_7674 IMG_7644 IMG_7868

It’s great to find a photo that reflects the season too.


and sometimes birds just pose to have their portraits taken.

IMG_7805 IMG_7877


Shots in the dark

I was robbed of any opportunity to take photos today by an impromptu shopping trip to Manchester – yuk!

Desperate to get out I managed half an hour tonight taking a few night shots. It’s fun but I can see I have a lot to learn!

(Click on a pic to see it full size)

Llandudno prom first



and then Conwy (whilst I waited for my son’s pizza!)

IMG_6844 IMG_6852It’s amazing how turning a pic into black-and-white makes it spookier!