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Coursework 1 – Conwy Quay

Well, what have I gone and done?

I’ve enrolled on a course at Llandrillo College called “Documentary Photography”. I don’t even know exactly what that means but I’m hoping that it will take me well outside my comfort zone.

I’ve started with a stroll around Conwy Quay, looking desperately for subjects which might fit the topic. (Click any photo to see a larger version)

“The Liverpool Arms”
… again, with added atmosphere.
“What’s on?”
“Conwy means boats”
“all in a row”
“Maid” in Wales – 1938
An ever-present reminder – “For those in peril on the sea”
Fun fact: Anyone born with the Conwy town walls is called a “Jackdaw”, after the birds which nest in the walls.
… and the Conwy dredger is called “Jac y do”, meaning “Jackdaw” in welsh.
Boat trips on the “Queen Victoria” are usually popular
… but very few passengers today
“Three men in a boat”? The working ferry out to the bigger boats
A famous local character, not to be forgotten.
“Conversation across the ages”
“Crabbing off the jetty”
“Crabbing off the jetty, take 2”
“An explanation is required”
“Social media addicts everywhere”
“Colour co-ordinated!”
“A well-earned coffee”