Red Alert!

I’ve been very frustrated this week. I’ve had the week off work but for the last few days the weather has been poor. I felt denied. Did I feel recharged and ready to face work again – no way! But, today has helped, a lot.

As always, click on a photo to see a larger version.

Again, the weather was not great but I’d promised to take my mum out so we headed to Anglesey. We did the little old lady stops at Pringles and the Holland Arms Nursery and with the light improving I decided to call at Llyn Parc Mawr, Newborough on the way home. Mum is not a great one for walking far nowadays so to be able to park right by a tree with 5 bird feeders is a great option. We’ve been there a few times before and noticed the squirrel feeders but we’ve never seen a Red Squirrel there – until today. After only a few minutes we saw the first one on a feeder. My mum’s first Red Squirrel in Wales!IMG_4031

It disappeared after a minute or so and I turned my camera onto the Siskins right in front of me.

IMG_3996 IMG_3973

Then the Squirrelfest began. Suddenly there was a Squirrel on each feeder and even better, one descending the tree right in front of us.

IMG_3975 IMG_4116 IMG_4136

This individual was most obliging. Feeding on the ground right in front of us and then posing on every branch of the tree. In all, we saw at least 5 individual Squirrels, possibly more.IMG_4250 IMG_4218

IMG_4378 IMG_4281 IMG_4295


During all this two birds were driving me potty. I just about managed a shot through the leaves of the ever-present but ever-secretive Greater-Spotted Woodpecker but the ninja Jays evaded the shutter every visit.


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  1. Stunning photography, that’s my next ‘must visit’ place soon as I’ve saved up enough. Thanks for the inspiration

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