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Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer! – Tatton Park today

I’ve satisfied an urge today. I’ve been wanting to go to Tatton Park to photograph the deer for ages. Today it gave me the opportunity to test out my most recent camera gear acquisitions – my Canon 5D2 and my Sigma 120-300.
The photos looked good on the back of the camera but I whooped with joy when I saw them on the big screen. It looks like I have a great combo on my hands.
Now the confession: I thought that photographing the deer would be difficult. I was so wrong! By the time the park had been open for an hour it was full of people cycling, walking dogs, jogging – you get the picture. The deer are so used to people that you can walk up to within 30 feet of them – no problem. They are easier to approach than our local cows!
Still, they make a great subject for the camera. Thankfully the rutting season has not quite started yet. If it had, and they we a bit more frisky, perhaps 30 feet would be a bit too brave!
Have a close look at the pics – they look great when viewed as large as possible.

IMG_5954 IMG_5967 IMG_5979 IMG_6039 IMG_6052 IMG_5711 IMG_5799-Edit

Carpe Sunset!

Well I guess I’ve gone and jinxed the weather this week. Blame me! I’ve bought (yet) another camera, a Canon 5D mk2. It’s a full-frame SLR body and better suited for general photography than my 7D which will now be reserved almost exclusively for wildlife shots.

I’ve been bursting to test the 5D2 but the weather has been rubbish. I’ve had it with me every waking moment but the only chance I had to try a shot at the real world was on Tuesday night when I seized the moment and grabbed this shot as the sun went down over Conwy Mountain. It definitely shows promise…. (and tomorrow the forecast is better – fingers crossed)