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Conwy RSPB – Autumn Birds

I had a relaxing hour at Conwy this morning in fantastic autumn light. As usual, the place looks quiet, bird-wise, until you stay still for a while.

I counted 28 Snipe around, all busy probing the mud as they do.IMG_5508


Gadwall are such pretty ducks. A group of 5 birds were aimlessly patrolling the pool.IMG_5728

Bright sunlight + Lapwings = gorgeous colours!IMG_5581

The Little Egrets were having their disputes, as they do, bickering over something that matters to them but is invisible to us humans.IMG_5627IMG_5607A lone Greenshank and the long-staying Little Stint were also around but too far away for photography.


Carpe Sunset!

Well I guess I’ve gone and jinxed the weather this week. Blame me! I’ve bought (yet) another camera, a Canon 5D mk2. It’s a full-frame SLR body and better suited for general photography than my 7D which will now be reserved almost exclusively for wildlife shots.

I’ve been bursting to test the 5D2 but the weather has been rubbish. I’ve had it with me every waking moment but the only chance I had to try a shot at the real world was on Tuesday night when I seized the moment and grabbed this shot as the sun went down over Conwy Mountain. It definitely shows promise…. (and tomorrow the forecast is better – fingers crossed)