Daily Archives: January 26, 2014

Dipper-dee Doodah!

Since I was in the area today I popped in to see if the Dyserth Dippers were around. As last time, the pair were busily feeding on the swollen stream. I managed to sneak up on this one just before it was disturbed by some visitors to the waterfall who saw me with my camera lined up but proceeded to walk along oblivious – grrrr! I was really chuffed with this as it was hand-held at 500mm at only 1/100 sec at F4. No chance of stopping the lens down to get more depth-of-field though! IMG_0625

The bird scooted off towards the waterfall, stopping briefly to sing on the handrail before flying into the waterfall area. I went to have a better look where it had gone but there was no sign. It had either gone behind the water curtain or flow over the top upstream. Amazing birds. One of my favourites!