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Puffin Island – A trip on the Cerismar II

Having been off work this week and the weather has been less than good, I promised myself a treat today – namely a boat trip around Puffin Island on the Cerismar II. These guys are known for giving nature lovers ¬†great value and today was no exception, for me at least. I’d been watching the weather carefully and true to forecast there was hardly any swell. The boat is very stable with the only real rocking caused by the wake of other boats.

[As always on this blog – click on any photo for a full-size version]

Our first avine encounter was this Guillemot which strangely seems to me to be showing signs of still being in winter plumage.


This was shortly followed by this very grumpy looking Razorbill.IMG_5713

As we got closer to the island we encountered more rafts of Auks.


On the tip of the island a Shag was playing king of the castle.


Fly-by Cormorants were regular


But it’s the island’s namesake Puffins that most people really want to see. We got lucky with a small group of these characters posing for their floating audience.

IMG_5968 IMG_5992 IMG_6007 IMG_5840

The return journey was uneventful. Only an unmistakable Black Guillemot and an escaping Razorbill crossing our path.

IMG_6135 IMG_6102

Score for the trip? It’s got to be a 10/10. A great hour and a half well spent! I can see myself going back there soon.