Daily Archives: June 15, 2014

A Jewel in the Woods

In the summer months we are lucky to have summer visitors to our woods which come from warmer climes to take advantage of our woodland harvests of caterpillars and flies.

Quite possibly the most colourful of these visitors is the Redstart. The comparatively plain female has her flashing orange tail but she is positively drab compared to her mate. He is a jewel in orange, blue and black.

I had done a recce at Llanfairtalhaiarn a couple of weeks ago (in the rain!) so this afternoon it seemed like a good opportunity to take advantage of a bit of sunlight. I followed the road along where I had encountered three pairs previously and I was not disappointed. Only two pairs this time but the light makes all the difference for the camera.

Ladies first…..

IMG_7321 IMG_7164

… and then the real photographic prize. Bring on the boys!