Daily Archives: April 6, 2019

Signs of Spring, at Conwy RSPB

An early start at Conwy this morning. In years gone by I used to call Benarth hide at Conwy “my second home”. I love it. An hour in there never disappoints.
Today was no exception. It’s spring so everything is changing up a gear, from the testosterone-overloaded Canada Geese to migration. Today several flocks of Sand Martins passed through on their way northwards.
Here are a few photos…

Little Grebe

Great-Crested Grebe

Robins are ever-present at Conwy

The reflection of a reed, distorted by ripples, caught my eye

It’s that time of year….

I wonder how this duck came be called a “Goldeneye”?

Gadwall are common at Conwy nowadays

The Redshanks will be off to their breeding grounds soon

… and the ever-present opportunists

Spinnies – Water Rails to order!

Having spent two hours at Conwy I decided on a quick trip to the Spinnies before going home, “in the hope of seeing a Water Rail”. I love it when a plan comes together! 20 minutes in the roadside hide in perfect light and voila!

(You can click/tap on some photos to get a larger image)

time for my close-up

Some birds were making the most of the spring day…

whilst others were just hangin’ around, chillin’ or even havin’ showers!

“I’ll have a bath – everyone else gets a free shower!”