Hoopoe at Abergele – Wow!

Hoopoes must be amongst most people’s favorite birds. Their quirky but beautiful design is special, especially amongst any birds you’re likely to see in the UK.

The last time I saw one was in the Gwydyr forest. The report came out and nothing in this world was going to stop me seeing it the next day. I was there on site before it was light to see the poor bird in sleet, driven by a freezing gale.

This time I’ve been playing it cool.Or maybe it was just seasonal apathy. I’ll say “cool”.

This Hoopoe has been at Abergele for 3 weeks and I’ve only got around to seeing it today. There was no sign at first but our patience was rewarded after half an hour when the bird flopped into view and settled on the beach. I was even lucky that the pale winter light chose that moment to improve slightly for a few minutes before the sun disappeared for the day behind the hillside. I managed to rattle off some half-decent shots.

Brief moments like this give me the boost I need to make it through the dull winter months.

IMG_9069 IMG_9042 IMG_9014 IMG_8948 IMG_8940

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  1. Amazing to see Hoopoes in North Wales. I live in Dubai and they are very common here all year round. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

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