Rocks have whiskers?

Walking the dogs at Penrhyn Bay today was always going to end up at Angel Bay. Knowing it’s the time of year when the seals come ashore I remembered to grab my Canon SX40 on the way out of the house. Its fantastic zoom lens is so well suited to taking pics from the edge above the beach without disturbing the residents.

As it turned out there was only one seal on the beach when we arrived. Let’s see if you can spot it. You can click on a pic for a larger version.

These pics are all taken from the same spot, hand-held in pretty poor light.

Here’s a bay….. (28mm)


and here’s the beach…..


and here’s the rock with whiskers! Amazing camouflage! On the beach pic it’s 1/4 cross from the left and 1/4 up from the bottom -information which doesn’t help much! (850mm)


After a couple of minutes a couple more appeared, playing like pups in the surf.


another outing made worthwhile by the amazing SX40!