Back on the Dipper river

I had an hour down on the river at Llandulas this morning. I’ve visited there many times in search of a Dipper. Occasionally I’ve had a fleeting glimpse as one flew past with wings whirring. Today was better. One bird was feeding constantly, visiting the stretch I was on and then flying off upstream with a beak full of food for its young. The only problem was that every time it appeared it settled in a different spot. I walked miles up and down trying to get a decent view. I did manage a few half-decent photos in the end. Notable other birds included Grey Wagtail (always to be seenĀ at Llandulas) and a Common Sandpiper which took me by surprise as it flickered upstream at one point, sadly not to return while I was there.

IMG_3355 IMG_3401 IMG_3411 IMG_3490 IMG_3513

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    1. Thank for the kind comment. I use a Canon 7D with a Canon 500mm F4 L IS lens, in this case I also used a Sigma 1.4X converter, always on a tripod.
      Cheers, Adrian

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