Conwy RSPB – Bird photography can be very hard work some days….

It’s a bank holiday and I’m setting an alarm! Madness! Still, it’s all because as they say, the early worm catches the bird….

The sound of the reserve has changed in the last few weeks. There’s no escaping the buzzes,clicks  and whistles of newly returned warblers – everywhere. Despite the noise though, they  are not exactly keen to pose for the camera. Best shots – a Sedge Warbler in a bush, and a Reed Warbler which showed in the open for a couple of seconds whilst I got lucky with the shutter.

Reed Warbler Sedge Warbler

It was a bonus to see a Greenshank around and a surprise to see it with a Redshank.


Action shots were courtesy of a bathing Common Sandpiper….

IMG_3593 IMG_3590

Distant Wheatears were the commonest birds on the estuary path….

IMG_3732 IMG_3753

and the biggest surprise was an equally distant  Whinchat…

IMG_3764but all the estuary path birds disappeared when this Sparrowhawk arrived, skimming the rocks like a stealth fighter….