A very Good Friday!

So it’s that rare time when I get a 4 day weekend off work. Unusually the weather is amazing. No excuse – must go out – but where?
There’s an area of Wales called Meirionydd. Even it’s name sounds old and soft. To me it’s the most beautiful part of an already beautiful country. It’s an area unspoiled by industry and commercialization. It’s landscape is as natural as any in the British Isles. As a consequence, it plays host to some wonderful wildlife.
We decided to visit the area, and, in particular, the Glaslyn Valley and the centre which has been set up there for observing Ospreys. The area was home to the first Ospreys to nest in Wales in recent times. The resident female laid her 51st egg (her third this year) since she arrived in Wales in 2004.
Unfortunately for photographers the next is a very long way from any good viewing point. The best I could manage was a shot of the nest with no Osprey visible although the CCTV showed that the female, “Mrs G” as she is known was on the nest but hunkered down on her eggs.

However, there is another nest visible from the centre where a lonely female known as 5F after her ring number lives, alone. She was visible on the nest, forever looking skywards for a potential mate.

Maybe one day her prince will come.

It was so relaxing there by the river. Free blood pressure reduction, without prescription!

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with Snowdon in the background….

I was serenaded by a Dunnock, singing its beautiful song whilst other nature passed through, doing its own thing.

Mute Swan

Peacock Butterfly


We took a very scenic route home over the hills and moors. Highlight sightings included Red Kite, Hen Harrier, Wheatear, Kestrel, Buzzard, and a special bird for me – a Ring Ouzel.
The Ring Ouzel is a bird much like a Blackbird but it lives mainly on high ground. Why special to me? Because where I grew up in Buxton, on the edge of the moors in Derbyshire, we used to get them on our lawn!