Daily Archives: April 7, 2015

Spring is moving in…..

It was a gorgeous morning today and I’m off work for the week so I decided on a trip to the Great Orme. It’s a great place to find migrants at this time of year and I really wanted to catch up with my first Wheatears. The Orme didn’t disappoint me.

As a drove around the Marine Drive I stopped to check the cliffs. The ledges are already occupied by their summer incumbents. Auks, Gulls, Kittiwakes, Fulmars and Cormorants were all present.


Moving on to the limestone pavements it seemed at first as if Meadow Pipits were the only birds around. Hundreds of them – everywhere. However, looking towards the high point of the path I could see some birds with a different stance. Even in silhouette Wheatears are unmistakable. They love the short rabbit-grazed grass areas.

One resident Stonechat must have felt outnumbered by the visitors.


There must have been 50+ Wheatears present. The Females look lovely with their subtle pinks and greys whilst the males look resplendent with their striking markings and that “bandit” eye mask. Some looked like they had just bathed in the dew which covered the longer grass.

Add to these views sightings of my first Swallow and House Martin of the year and it was definitely mission accomplished!

IMG_7040 IMG_7026 IMG_7180 IMG_7175 IMG_7160 IMG_7048 IMG_7056